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STL Hunger Games

More than anything this web site is about empowering your fitness motivation by public exposure. It also adds the motivation of potential financial gain. If we at STL Hunger Games do a good job of promoting the games and intensifying the public exposure of our contestants we feel we will greatly increase the motivational power of this web site. We can literally fuel your engine with enough power to smash through that invisible wall you have been beating your head against for years.

If you have been struggling with your fitness goals like many of us and you have noticed your motivational level is unfortunately lacking, participating in one of our Hunger Games could be just the missing piece of the puzzle that will allow you to harness the jet fuel power a public competition like this can provide.

With this added power boost that will last at least 3 months you could gain the momentum to permanently change your fitness habits and obtain the fitness life that you have always wanted.

How this site came about

I watched my wife struggle for years to lose weight. I saw her try every diet and every technique out there to loose weight. Every Monday was the same old story. Loose a pound, gain a pound. Loose a pound, gain a pound. Never, in years, making a decent dent in her fitness goals.

Then in 2006 she took part in News 5’s Lose a Ton Challenge. It was like St Louis’ version of Biggest Loser. And I’m telling you …. BANG!!! that extra weight melted off like wax in a furnace. It was unbelievable, after all these years, that she suddenly dropped to her ideal weight and fitness level. In less than 3 months. And she loved it. She meet new people and became personal friends with her assigned personal trainer. And she didn’t even win the competition.

So it was glaringly obvious that the difference was the motivation level. And that motivation level years after the fact was still keeping her fitness level high. It was life changing. And it was all motivation.

I am a full time web developer and I love web site creation. I’m always looking for a idea that will produce a successful web site. And knowing how this set of circumstances helped my wife as it did I considered what it would take to attempt to duplicate the motivational power that news program instilled in it’s competitors. I knew I didn’t have the power of a network broadcasting station but if a web site could be created and effectively leveraged social media then we might have a chance at reaching the motivational level that program bestowed. The more people we involve and the more popular the site becomes the more powerful it’s base objective gets and with enough work and fortitude we could together change lives for the permanent better in the same way my wife’s life was changed by that brief early morning 15 minutes a week news program.

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