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Game Host Sponsorship

What is it?

A sponsorship program designed for professional gyms and fitness centers. The sponsor becomes the primary location and facilitator of a particular STL Hunger Games game location. Sponsors will provide a location and area for all game contestants to to meet and measure competition factors (bi weekly). For "weight-loss" competitions this will be contestant weigh ins. For "fitness" competitions this will be a place where contestants preform exercises and certain fitness tasks. For "get ripped" competitions this will be contestant body fat measurements. .... and so on.

What does it cost?

The Weigh In Sponsorship costs $250.00, payable to STL Hunger Games. The sponsorship also requires the gym or fitness center to provide a location and area for all game contestants to to meet and measure competition factors. Meets will be bi weekly over a period of 12 weeks (a total of 6 weigh ins).

What does the sponsor receive?

Weigh In Sponsors receive the largest sponsor position on the game's profile page as well as the most prominent game sponsorship position on all participating contestant pages. The sponsor can then place a logo and link to their gym or fitness center in the 200px x 75px space. Click here if you would like Studio 2108 to design a logo ad for you The placement of this logo is on the right of each participating contestants profile pages and remains there until one week after the competition ends. A total of 91 days. The sponsor also receives the added benefit of being the place where the majority of social media imagery and footage comes from. The sponsor will be mentioned in Youtube videos and Facebook/Twitter activity posts.


Gym or training center must be located within St. Louis or St. Louis county.

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